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Left Alone


2nd Ad & 2nd AC. Paris Renalson

Left Alone is a coming of age pilot about a reserved teenage boy who must learn to survive in apocalyptic New Zealand whilst trying to find his way back home after being abandoned by his mother. It is really a story about Thomas's journey to understand if his identity is something that is pre-determined or if it something he can build and reshape as he grows.


My Role:

  • Director: Sanny Orr

  • Producer:  Shaynell Barboza

  • Producer: Jessamy Arthur

  • Story By: Sanny Orr & Shaynell Barboza

  • D.O.P: Victoria Freire

  • 1st AD: Fox Carter

  • Sound Designer: Esther Jang

  • Production Designer: Harley Forgan

  • Visual Effects Lead: Jarred Collins

  • Edited by: Ethan Seddon-Cope

George Teagle as Thomas
Sophia Elisabeth as Mother

Maya Le Roux as Aya

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